H.A. Spalding Engineers, Inc

South Perry Water Expansion

Hazard Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Coalfields Industrial Park

Hazard, KY - 3.0/6.0 MGD design/peak WWTP; (2) 80' diameter clarifiers; aerated sludge holding basin; dual chlorine contact chambers; 7,000' of driven H-piles; 6,000 cubic yards of concrete; Laboratory, Office, Disinfection, Press and Grit Facilities over Constructed Oxidation Ditch.
Perry County, Kentucky - Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements; Sanitary Sewer - 16.5 miles of gravity and dual parallel force mains; 5 new lift stations; rehabilitation of one large lift station; eliminated 5 package treatment plants; odor control facilities.
Water - 6 miles of 16", 12", and 8" D.I. waterlines; 4,200 fpm fire Pump; Fire Protection Vaults; Booster Station Upgrades; 1.0m gal. Tank Rehabilitation.
Various engineering experience in 95 out of 120 counties.

Various Local Work in Kentucky