H.A. Spalding Engineers, Inc

Minnie to Harold Road

Buckhorn Lake State Park

Harold L. Disney Training Center

Knox County, KY - Roadway design improvements which included the relocation of the roadway to better accomodate tractor-trailer traffic; slope failure stabilization; Surveying; Geometric Design; Pavement Design; Hydrology; Erosion Control; Cost; and Construction Administration.
Floyd County, KY- Full Design; 15 miles of roadway (3 Sections) for the connection of KY 80 and US 23; Surveying; Geometric Design; Pavement Design; Hydrology; Hydraulic Analysis of Bridges and Culverts; Scour Analysis of Bridges; Erosion Control; Maintenance of Traffic; Cost; Deed Descriptions. Total (once fully completed) estimated cost of $108 million.
Buckhorn, KY - Boundary survey, Right of Way property owner identification and deed descriptions for Buckhorn Lake. Full Design/Construction Services for replacement wastewater treatment system for Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park; oxidation ditch; clarifier; ultraviolet disinfection; & laboratory building. Design/Construction Services of water supply for state park & USCOE facilities
Harlan and Bell Counties, KY - 3,800 acre+ Boundary Survey on and around Black Mountain. Local Relief of 3000'+ Boundary is so large it appears on the Kentucky State Highway Map.

Shillalah Creek Wildlife Management Area